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Project LUME 

In different languages, Lume has various meanings - the world, life, source of light, illusion, fire, spark, lover, humanity, more than love ... - and our Lume is a collection of songs from different parts of the world. The link connecting the songs together is the universal theme of love, in which the notion of Lume manifests itself in each of its manifold meanings. 

Lume contains 10 love songs from different parts of the world and one cycle of 5 songs (Snoviđenje) composed by Ključo, which is based on Romanian, Croatian, Kosovo and Sephardic traditional pieces. 

Versatile Jelena's unique and rare contralto has brilliantly complemented the avantgarde notes of Merima's concert accordion. 

The magnetic connection between Ključo and Milušić takes us on a dream-like journey through diverse worlds of strong, expressive and subtle music.

“Mind-blowing! Pleasant pain is caused on the one hand by the richness of Merima Ključo’s artistic expression, whose every tone, interval, chord or cluster on the accordion grow out of layers of determination and melancholy. And when Jelena Milušić’s incredible vocal gets involved, I wonder if Merima’s accordion has a human voice among its registers.” 
Marija Vitas, ethnomusicologist & Editor in Chief, Serbian World Music Magazine (RS)



In 2014 Jelena started collaborating with the Bosnian guitarist and producer Atilla Aksoj under the name Barimatango.  
Through their unique interpretations of Romani and Sephardic songs, Jelena and Atilla vividly revive old melodies and forgotten stories full of magic and beauty.  
Their debut album of Romani music "Oh, Devel" was published in 2016 for Aquarius Records from Croatia. It is a selection of 11 Romani songs from Balkans and Southeast Europe.  

In the spring of 2020, Barimatango's album "Yo hanino, tu hanina" was published by Serbian label Odličan Hrčak.  

It contains 10 selected Sephardic songs, including songs by Flory Jagoda, renowned composer and singer of Sephardic music, whose work inspired creation of "Yo Hanino, tu hanina". The world renowned accordionist Merima Ključo and Edvin Hadžić (double bass) are special guests on the album.

 "The album "Yo hanino, tu hanina" is excitingly musically tailored, representing a beautiful contribution to the preservation of Sephardic music. On top of all that, this album allows the listener to travel to different places and to experience a diverse Sephardic culture through the colors of tones and moods." - Konstantin Šibul, WMAS